Is Clawee Legit? 2023 [Have Low Expectations] 

Play genuine claw devices and earn real rewards with the Clawee App, which is a claw device simulator. The Claws appear to be solid, making it simpler to win than in the real world. On the devices, you can buy digital money, but then you can also obtain them for nothing.

There are two places you can get this application right now: the Apple App Store and Google Play! You can join up by logging in as a visitor or by linking your network accounts. Ronald Brightman, the CEO of Gigantic, and Lead author Frommer founded the company in 2017.

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In Tel Aviv, the firm employs 60 people. During the year, a building in Petah Tikva houses 250 gaming machines that are kept and used by the company at all hours. a group of workers fills and double-checks the machines before they are sent out to the field.

Players can see and interact with the machinery in real-time since the business constructed its equipment and attached radios, sensors, and cameras, currently, Clawee is located in Birmingham.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

Absolute SCAM! People hate this site as they make you, the user buy coins through real cash that is bought using a credit card, and after that, you have to play the game that only brings you very less of prices that are not even worth the cash you gave early for the coins.

Clawee is a  dangerous site for sharing your credit card details. According to the review provided by the people, they have stated that users are not able to make use of the claws and they are complete of no use and don’t grab any of the items. Hence losing their coins. So it is clear that clawee doesn’t actually work and they are just fooling the people.

People have bought thousands of cash and even after playing hours, they are unable to earn a single award. In case you get stuck in some situation then you are not helped by any of the employees and in the end, you have to quit leaving your coins behind or buy more coins to start from where you left off.

Talking about the customer care service which is worst of all, you shouldn’t be expecting any response from them in case you get stuck in some situation.  Hence it should be considered that the clawee is rigged and not worthy of wasting your time on it.

When you earn yourself a reward you are not told before that you are supposed to pay for that award too to receive it, an extra 7$ to receive the award even after spending all the money on the coins. According to the reviews sites, it was found that they make use of some third-party sites to get themselves fake good reviews and increase their ratings and attract users.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

Why do people dislike this site?

There are tons of reasons to dislike this site and sites like these that just scam and make people fool by attracting them through fake advertisements,

  • Fake awards that are told to be real
  • No customer care service access and either they don’t respond after sending a query
  • Things are not instructed before making people confuse
  • People spend hours playing and yet do not earn themselves a single award
  • Take your credit card details

Are customers satisfied with the service?

Due to the awful service they provide, it is not possible to get satisfied with these sites full of scams, people just have tons of negative reviews about their service and share their horrible experiences with this site.

Everyone should try to avoid this site and beware of the fake rating they give themselves using other platforms and their habit of not responding to any of the negative comments.

✅The website seems to be an online store❌The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS

✅The SSL certificate is valid ❌According to Alexa this site has a low Alexa rank

✅This website is (very) old

❌This website is hosted in a high risk country.
❌This website has received mainly negative reviews

Should you trust this site?

Not!  Not worthy of trusting. Try to avoid it as much as possible and help others who are falling for their fake advertisement and wasting their money buying the coins. Clawee is not trusted!

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More about this site 

Currently, Clawee may be enjoyed in 15 nations: France; Copenhagen; Hong Kong; Ireland; Japan; Malaysia; Lisbon; Singaporean; Spanish; Stockholm; and the United Kingdom. Clawee had over 200,000 downloads in October 2020, with income totaling big bucks, as per Sensor Tower.

Over two-thirds of the participants are female. Around 200,000 people are on the site at any one time, and twice as many more are following. The application has installed 8 million instances as of February 2021. Each week, the industry’s facilities in the US-China mail out more than 100,000 prizes. Clawee was named the year’s best independent game by Samsung Galaxy Store 2020.

Domain Details:

  • Alexa rank: 1305728
  • Backlinks:11
  • Domain age: 5 years from now
  • WHOIS data: hidden

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