Is Discogs Legit? [No Refund Policy?]

Discogs’ goal is “to build the finest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace,” and this statement serves as the company’s mission statement. You have access to every and every physical musical product that may possibly spark your interest.

This is possible because of the fact that users construct and power the Database on discog, and also due to the fact that the Marketplace is so thorough. Imagine if Discogs is more like a town square, where record collectors of all experience levels may gather and exchange knowledge with one another.

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Even while things aren’t quite as simple as placing a purchase with a single click, I can promise you that your effort will be rewarded once you set the needle on your newly arrived record and listen to it.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

Buying from Discogs works by the music being sold by multiple sources. Buy at your own risk. Every vendor I’ve purchased from has been straightforward in their communication, honest in their product descriptions, and quick to ship.

It’s also common for a bad vendor to have bad ratings, so you know to steer clear of them. We found that Alexa gave the website a popularity score. This suggests that a significant number of visitors visit the website on a consistent basis. In addition, a large number of websites find this website to be fascinating and essential, and they link to it as a result.

As a direct result of this, we were able to improve our ranking as a whole. Several years ago, we learned that this website’s domain name had been registered by the same person. Scammers often have very recently launched their websites.

However, you must exercise caution. Old and established websites may also be purchased by scammers in order to begin their criminal activities. For this reason, verifying a website for additional signs of fraud is vital.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about the site.

How to get your money back?

It is quite common for sellers and buyers to work together to find a solution when a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase. Discogs expects all customers to have read the seller’s Seller Terms and understand the return rules linked with this user, as is the case with all other orders.

It is critical that you contact your payment provider as soon as possible to explain the problem and ask for a refund if the merchant refuses to give you one. The service you used to send money for the purchase is known as your payment provider.

Refund Policy

  • Orders are not eligible for refunds on Discogs.
  • Sellers must engage with purchasers professionally and courteously to find a solution that complies with their Seller Terms and our Sales & Transactions Policy.
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Why is it disliked by people?

The site policy for refunds is non-existing that’s a start. Several, mainly negative reviews were found for this site because of bad sellers providing bad services to the customer.

Are customers satisfied with their products?

IT DEPENDS, the clients’ level of satisfaction is directly proportional to the honesty of the seller with whom they choose to do business. Best Discogs sellers are sellers that can be trusted and who are honest and will provide the greatest service and assistance to their customers.

Some Discog’s complaints are that a dishonest seller, on the other hand, will never make a consumer happy with their purchase.

✅This website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of
❌The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS

✅This website has a lot of website links to it
❌We discoved the website is served from a high risk country
✅This website has received positive reviews

❌Several, mainly negative reviews were found for this site

Should you trust Discogs?

YES, There is just no justification for not trusting it but sellers should be filtered out not all are bad. Scammers and illicit dealers should always be on the lookout. The website is filled with false information, and it seems that anybody can create a release page and make things appear official when, in reality, they are not.

More about Discogs

Discogs is a website that also functions as a crowdsourced library of information surrounding audio recordings.

Despite the fact that electronic music was the primary emphasis of the website when it first launched, the site has now branched out to include music from all other genres and formats. After the database was made accessible to the general public, rock music quickly assumed the position of leader.

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What is the collection limitation?

In the beginning, the objective was to create the most complete database of electronic music, based on the artists, labels, and releases that are accessible in electronic genres. Discogs’ infrastructure was entirely redesigned in 2003, and support for new genres, beginning with hip hop, was added in January 2004. the blues and non-music genres were introduced in January 2006.

Domain Details

  • Alexa rank: 887
  • Backlinks: 19599
  • Domain age: 21 years from now
  • WHOIS data: hidden

Is Discogs actually bad for record collectors?

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