Is Academia.Edu Safe? [READ Before using]

We have completely analyzed Academia Edu and checked if it’s safe for you to use in 2023. We also check if it’s a real company along with its uses and policies.

We gathered data on it from Reddit, Trustpilot, and other user-reviewed platforms to bring you an accurate conclusion for the question is Academia Edu safe based on legitimate facts.

Is it Safe in 2023?

Yes, the is known to be safe for the purpose of finding scholarly research papers, articles, and other academic information that may be shared and found on by academics, researchers, and students. It gives academics a place to interact with one another, follow the work of others, and stay informed about new findings in their area of specialization.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about Academia Edu

Why is it liked by people?

The robust platform enables users to set up profiles and upload their work as they look to connect with large networks of people who share their research interests. The platforms boast millions of papers that have been uploaded to support your research.

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Is free to use?

Both free and paid membership options are available on Users may register for a free account and use various features without paying anything. However, premium users who pay a membership price get access to more advantages and sophisticated features.

How can I join

You must register for an account on using your email address or a social networking account. After registering, you may make a profile, list your institutional affiliations, publish research articles, and search for them.

Can I upload my research papers on

Yes, you are welcome to post your academic work to as an investigator or academic.

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