Is Agoda Legit? [Safety Check 2023]

You can arrange hotels, airlines, and even transportation to and from the terminal on the site. The firm was established in 2007, has its headquarters in Malaysia, and now employs more than 5,000 people throughout the globe. Passengers may find knowledge on a wide range of properties, from resorts and condos to cottages and dormitories, on the site.

Agoda is more than just a hotel booking site; it also provides airfare, vehicle rents, and tours and entertainment in select locations. All of a passenger’s reservations may be made via the online or smartphone app, where they could additionally take advantage of the project’s Cheapest Rate Promise.

Agoda can fulfill all of your vacation requirements, from booking a hotel in Bangkok to finding things to do in Bali. follow the articles and get to know about the site reviews.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

Since Reservation Holdings, the largest online ticket agency in the world owns the company, you can rest certain that Agoda is a legitimate business. Due to its role as an intermediary between guests and hosts, Agoda increases the potential for problems as compared to straight reservations.

The Company has since established itself as the go-to website for finding deals on a wide variety of hotel rooms. AgodaCash, AgodaVIP, and Promotional Codes are just a few of the ways that the company has helped customers save dollars and highlighted the greatest discounts it offers throughout the centuries.

There’s no disputing the aggravation that may come with organizing a trip. It’s not enough to only concentrate on booking airfare and lodging; you additionally need to be thorough in researching your options and obtaining the best deal. Also if you are looking forward to an online payment you can proceed with an Agoda good credit card.

Agoda has a distinct character in the internet vacation market because of its engaging advertising. They put several resources into their website’s architecture and customer interface, as it’s a breeze to navigate and reserve a room.

With the compensation they get from reservations, the Company can transfer some of the savings to customers in the shape of lower room charges. Since it operates only online, Agoda can offer lower prices than traditional travel agencies since it avoids the costs associated with maintaining a physical storefront. Hence you must consider Agoda as a legit Philippines site.

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How to get your money back?

To maintain their reputation and not receive a bad response they make sure that everything is being done according to the user’s choice. If you want a refund you can simply apply with an image of your tickets and booking to make sure that you are submitting it 2 weeks before the booking. Agoda is legit for flights and so for the refund, their customer care service is in operation anytime and you can easily track your services or ask them about your refund.

Once the application is submitted you will receive the refund within 3 working days and you will be informed about any redacted charges that were imposed while canceling the booking. Which is usually no more than 5% of the total payment that they have received from the customer.

More than 10% of website, users have protested to BBB about the site’s customer care not responding to their inquiries. You may be certain that you will get no response regarding any of your questions since they are always offline. In reality, the works being sold are generic artwork that the vendor is passing off as masterworks.

Refund Policy

  • 5% of the whole payment will be charged in case you have asked for a refund for canceling your booking.
  • Hotel booking refund charges may vary from hotel to hotel policy which may differ from each other.
  • A proper application needs to be submitted identifying the reason why you have canceled your booking.
  • No refund policy after a minimum of 2 weeks of your booking date

Why do people like this site?

  • Keeping up with standards and setting them higher is their main purpose, they make sure that no delay in the process of selection and booking is caused.
  • Agoda Reviews on TripAdvisor attract a lot of customers and visitors
  • Because of their trustful services they have been licensed to sell tickets and offer hotels booking
  • You would find the best market fare for the air tickets as well as for the resort booking.
  • One of the advantages is that you could acquire their contact details, meaning you may get in touch with them at a subsequent date and communicate with them directly.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

Customers are not satisfied with the services they offer online, anywhere you visit you will witness the most average or even below average responses from customers that are shared. You can make a booking if you don’t have any other option available.

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People are giving this website positive reviews.

Should you trust this site?

If you’re not interested in purchasing airline tickets on the secondary market, is an alternative to consider. If the price of air tickets is cheap on the web, yet the firm seems authentic, that’s a good sign. Its openness and honesty set it apart from other online firms that provide comparable services.

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