Is BoohooMAN Legit? [Scam Check 2023]

BoohooMAN is a site that deals with the collection of menswear. Bohooman is located in Burnley, Lancashire. As you all know, styling and growing are very important. This partner site not only deals with new and modern stuff but also helps you in styling your clothes. This site has all the high-end brands available.

But one of the biggest drawbacks of this site is that no proper details are mentioned on the website. For instance, if you want to search for specific accessories or clothes you have to scroll through the entire website to check what you want.

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The site is not categorized properly which is why people face a lot of difficulty in shopping. Also, Boohooman is so cheap because of its low-quality products. You wear it once and the items get turned or have patches all over them.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

BoohooMAN is proven to be a scam site. This site has all the new and old collections for boys and menswear as well. They have all sorts of stylish shoes from various famous brands. They claim that you can easily pay through a credit card and PayPal.

But during shopping, this site asks that you can pay through bitcoin which clearly shows that this site is a fraud. So shopping from this site is very risky. These methods are untraceable so once your payment has been done you are never going to receive your product nor going to get your money back. So beware of such fraud sites and only shop for authentic and trustable sites.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

How to get your money back? 

Getting your money back from the site is very difficult. They claim that they only return your money for the products that have tags available on the product. Also, no item should be damaged or used. Also, the delivery invoice should be attached when you ask for your money back.

It is mentioned on site that you can get your refund within 20 business days counting from the day you have complained. People living in New Zealand, America, or Canada are going to get their money back after 30 business days. Jewelry and swimwears are nonrefundable due to hygiene reasons and you won’t get your money back for that specific product.

But people have reviewed that even after 6 months they never get their money back. The company approves the email and replies that they will return but after that, they vanish. The only way to get your knee back is by continuously emailing them regarding your order. Only then you can get it.

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Why do people dislike it? 

BoohooMAN is disliked by people because of multiple issues. One of the biggest drawbacks is the quality of the products. Most of the time the shirts and the shoes people receive are torn or damaged which initially gives a bad impression.

Secondly, the delivery takes almost 2 months which is very frustrating. You repeatedly check when your parcel is going to come. Also, the website is a huge mass you won’t understand where you want to order which product.  Also, the coupon codes and vouchers that are sent through email are always invalid or expired.

So it shows that there is no proper customer service dealing as well. Don’t ever get scammed by entering the codes twice or thrice. As people think entering codes can save a small amount of money but on this site, you don’t know you can get scammed and you have to pay double the amount. So if you want to shop from this site you are going to waste your money.

Are customers satisfied with BoohooMAN?

Customers are not at all satisfied with the site. Having no professional team is one of the biggest issues. Also, the details you mentioned during payment can easily be copied or leaked. Even the information is not safe and secure on this site.

So this already is showing red flags to its customers. The products received are either used or of low quality. Not only dealing but service is also very pathetic. The language their staff use is very rough and they are not very professional or sophisticated.

Nowadays online shopping is no less than a fraud so before shopping from any site always check from this website legit checker is this website worth shopping for or not.

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✅The SSL certificate is valid❌We discovered mainly negative reviews for this site

Should you trust the BoohooMAN?

Nowadays trusting any online site is very difficult because of the scams. Trusting BoohooMAN is your own will because the products, the service, and the website all look like fraud. Before shopping read all the positive and negative reviews of people who have already shopped on this website.

Through this, you are going to understand more than if this website is worth spending money on. Also in case, you trust it and your money gets wasted it’s all your choice. Seeing all the drawbacks and red flags before shipping will keep your mind relaxed and money saved.

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More about the BoohooMAN site? 

This site got fame because of Alexa. It has various other sites linked to it which is why it doesn’t respond to all of its customers. When you shop this site offers an easy payment method but later you have to go through a lot of procedures by entering codes and clicking on various sites.

Also, this is not a new site it’s an old site and people have given various negative reviews on its product and service. But they have never worked on it. There is always room for improvement but this site never pays attention to work on it. Also, this is an online store and has no proper shop which is one of the biggest hints that it can be a scam.

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