Is ChicMe Legit? 【Scam Check 2023】

Anything you’d want in women ‘s clothing online is here. The company is a one-stop-shop for women since it sells everything from apparel to shoes to handbags to jewelry to wellness and cosmetic aids. The internet store is accessible from anywhere on the planet, and orders may be delivered anywhere in the universe.

Furthermore, the website does not impose any further costs on its users in the shape of tariffs or customs procedures. Regular delivery is free, as are the other two options (Expedited and Rapid) offered on the internet. To check on the status of your shipping items, just go to the Purchases tab in the platform’s navigation bar and enter the relevant identification number.

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Is it a Scam or Legit?

Yes, the site is considered to be very legit and safe to use, you can trust them with their services and invest your money in those clothes and products. Considering the 233,878 reviews available on ChicMe, we can infer that the vast majority of consumers are pleased with their transactions. Customers who have purchased from ChicMe have mostly positive comments about the whole purchasing process, the condition of the items, and their aesthetic preferences.

When it comes to online discount purchasing, ChicMe is the best. Their fare rates and fast delivery methods have amazed everyone. You can learn more about their legitimacy from the Chic Me Reddit where you’ll find dozens of positive responses enough to satisfy you. Normal and Expedited delivery options are available to ChicMe USA customers, based on whether they need their purchases shipped.

Whenever a client places an order with ChicMe USA totaling over USD 69, they will receive complimentary standard delivery. The average rating across all 36,799 Chic Me Trustpilot reviews is 3.4 ratings out of 5 with chic me reviews BBB. While positive evaluations of ChicMe clothes outnumbered unfavorable ones on Sitejabber, this was not the case with ChicMe’s Trustpilot profile. Although there are currently numerous rave evaluations than rants for ChicMe on Trustpilot, the gap between the two is narrowing.

What are users saying about it?

How to get your money back?

You are given a refund opportunity in case of receiving the wrong product or the wrong size but note that you won’t be getting entertained with this policy if you are later than 14 days after receiving the order. But make sure that you haven’t damaged the product or torn apart the packing.

There is an exception for some products that can’t be refunded such as swimsuits, body suits, and jewelry. Avoid contacting anyone and leave an application straight to customer care service and within working hours you will receive a response and share your subject with the agent. You would have to pay the shipping and insurance fee whether you have received the wrong product or the inaccurate size.

You don’t need to send the parcel back to the shipping address since that is the location of the warehouse, not the sending location, once you have contacted the agent and received a response only then you are supposed to send it back. Chic me from China has the highest sale value and there are tons of sellers that supply worldwide.

Refund Policy

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days from the moment of delivery to return it for full reimbursement.
  • You should have the genuine, undamaged Chic Me handbag with the authorized tag still attached.
  • For the Chic Me returning card and mailing address, please interact with customer support. Don’t send it back to the given address.
  • When returning an item to Chic Me, always use the Chic Me returning location a customer care staff gave you.
  • We cannot provide a refund for shipping and security costs.
  • If you decide to send anything back, shipping costs are on you.

Why do people like this site?

  • People love their services because of the opportunity the brand has provided
  • Such a wide range of variety under a single brand name and site is what everyone wishes for.
  • A single click can take you anywhere on the site and entertain you with every piece of cloth,
  • They have got the most secure payment gateway which is common to everyone.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

Yes, each customer is satisfied with their purchase. From selection to payment and receiving the parcel each task is carried out very carefully. Hence making sure that each of their customers is satisfied to the point.

Wide range of collectionOnly for women
Regular discountsSlow delivery process
Care service availablePoor refund policy

Should you trust this site?

Yes, individuals shouldn’t fear while trusting them, they have worked hard enough to earn this best reputation.

More about this site

Contacting Chic Me customer support would deliver you the closest ChickMe returning addresses depending on your purchase data since the company’s warehouses are located in many locations.

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