Is EndClothing Legit? [Refund Policy & Scam Check]

ENDClothing was formed in 2005 as a result of an initiative to bring elevated apparel from across the globe to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The end also offers a broad selection of shoes. Avalanche Studios, SOPHNETTommy Lange, visvim, and White Mountain are just a few of the well-known manufacturers available at the shop.

More than 600 artists and brands have collaborated with END to create an impressive assortment of sneakers and streetwear. Because of its extensive clientele around the globe, it was designated the extremely fast-growing major business in the North East in 2018.

A tiny private shop in the heart of North East England, clothing UK has grown into a worldwide fashion powerhouse thanks to its synergistic partnerships with a wide range of sought-after brands and designers since its inception in 2005.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

YES, indeed it is a legit site. According to the online checker, ENDclothing has achieved a high score in being the most trusted site. Via online checking, it is proven that the site receives a lot of audience traffic as well as many other sites are also attached to this site.

This indicates that the webpage has been elevated to the status of “authority”. Links from external web pages are difficult to come by. Other domains must have the same level of “authority” as yours. Many connections from obscure and unpopular websites don’t help a business gain reputation.

Credit cards and Paypal are two mobile purchasing options this online store offers. If the retailer fails to supply or the merchandise is damaged in transit, these firms often provide a refund alternative. No form of payment, however, can guarantee a complete refund.

According to our research, it is found that the web address for this business has been maintained for more than a year by the website’s administrator. This indicates that he intends to maintain his website indefinitely.’s Trust Score went up as a consequence of this since most fraudsters don’t maintain their domain names after the scam is widely publicized.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about Endclothing

How to get your money back?

Getting your money back depends on 3 things, you need to act very fast when trying to get your money back, and secondly what transaction method have you used, if it’s done by some credit card then there are some chances of getting your money back, you need to have patience since things involving money takes time to happen.

Refund Policy

  • You must return the products in your End Clothing order within 14 days of receipt if you have changed your mind or are not completely satisfied with them.
  • If the products are in their original condition and have not been washed, worn, or damaged, you will be eligible for a refund or exchange.

Why is it liked by the people?

This brand has any kind of wear you could ever wish for, the prices are very reasonable. And for people who question why is end clothing so cheap, all of the stuff available on the site is always on Sale which attracts people and convinces them to shop more.

You can easily get the top trend outfits at a very reasonable price and with the fastest delivery possible. Their wearable collection is so well organized from footwear to outfits and hand accessories.

Are customers satisfied with their product?

Everything has a positive review and a negative as well depending on whether it relies on your expectations, same is the case with ENDclothing, you may find many positive reviews and critical reviews along too.

But considering the majority, you will get to the result that customers are well satisfied with the products. For more reviews, users can search for end clothing on Reddit.

✅This website is receiving a lot of traffic according to Alexa ()❌The website's owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
✅Many websites are linking to this site❌We found high-end brands at discounts.
✅This website offers payment methods which allow you to get your money back

Should you trust the site?

Yes, we can even trust the site for shopping anything wearable, make sure you check what you are ordering to avoid any later inconvenience, and then make critical reviews.

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More about the site


This brand allows you to get your hands on all of those exclusive wearables that are very expensive but they provide you with sales and discounts which are offered often. You will usually find the site under processing because of the traffic available all the time but no doubt that every feature of this site is incredible.

You can view various famous brands’ products on this site. They also provide a grooming section that suggests how you should wear the particular thing.

Domain Details

  • Alexa rank 909
  • Backlinks 1008
  • Domain age 20 years from now
  • WHOIS data hidden

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