Is Hopper Legit? [Spoiler: It Might be]

Hopper is an app that helps in saving your money on flights, lodgings, and rentals. There are a lot of people who love traveling and spend extra money on rent and tickets. Why not try the app. This app has a lot of facilities for its users which are beneficial and can help them save a huge amount.

Our Score

The app states they have been listed among the most amazing apps by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Vogue, and Tech Insider. It also won many awards including Apple’s App award in 2015, Best Travel App award in Weebly a Google Play award in 2016 which is a great achievement.

Users also seem to cherish this app. It is a very versatile application that gets positive reviews all over the Internet.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

We should always search for helpful apps before traveling as they can help us in multiple ways. Before selecting any app make sure it is just authentic and legit and not any fraud or scam. So always do proper research before using any site. This site and the app is legit and authentic. You don’t have to stress about anything at all.

Using this app is very simple and easy. It will give you all the options that are convenient and suitable for you. It will accommodate all your preferences. We want our users or Travers to remember this for a lifetime how they opt for us for their journey and how thankful they are because of our amazing services. We provide a list of cheap flights.

This app is very much famous and has made a huge name in the travel industry. It is among the top five sites that deal with online ticketing and accommodation. Hopper application is intended to assist you with tracking down the best costs of arrival and departure flights along with hotel and travel accommodation.

They keep an eye on travel agencies and keep the rates updated daily. It helps you in financing the schedule and the rates that are suitable for you. This app can be downloaded on your Android phones and iPhones.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

How to get your money back?

It is a legitimate website that places a high value on the feedback provided by its customers and was founded with the intention of providing an ethical service to its users. If you are unhappy with the service that you get, you may get your money back using Its refund policy, which takes into consideration consumer requests for refunds and provides many options for doing so.

Please let 15 business days for the cancellation request to be processed, and you will get a response from them through email. It is only able to process refunds that have been authorized by the airline, and the airline has the final say over whether or not a refund will be issued.

You may learn whether or not your reservation is refundable by looking at the “Cancellations” section that is included at the bottom of your receipt inside the confirmation email. The refund will be sent in the same mode of payment as was used to make the original purchase.

If your original payment method has expired or been discontinued, you’ll need to get in touch with your bank. Refunds may be transferred to a new card in most situations. There is no penalty for canceling your reservation via the app within 24 hours if you made it during the last 24 hours.

Refund Policy

  • For the refund, It cannot modify the initial mode of payment on file. If your initial method of payment has now expired or been terminated, you must contact your banking institution for further assistance. Most of the time, they can transfer the funds to your new card.
  • If you made your reservation within the last 24 hours, you may still be entitled for a full refund if you cancel it straight in the app.
  • We may be able to request a goodwill refund from the airline if you are canceling due to death or sickness.

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Why do people like it?

Hopper is liked by people because its dealing is very professional. For instance, you have booked a flight and due to some emergency, you won’t be able to catch that flight. Don’t worry it is going to handle everything. Don’t rush regarding time and booking.

You simply open your app and message the customer service and they will accommodate you as much as they can. This is one of the biggest reasons people like it because it has made life simpler and easier with just one click.

Are customers satisfied with it?

Hopper app is very amazing and has always satisfied its customers. It not only books your flight it also takes care of your other things like a hotel stay and travel. Having this app on your phone is no less than a blessing.

It has nights with cheap rates that is why it has gained a lot of popularity from all over the world. It directly connects you with the airline you want to travel with. The procedures are not very difficult. Simply book your ticket and leave the rest to the site they can handle it.

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Should you trust Hopper? 

This app has a great review rating so there is no option left of not trusting it. Biannually this site offers a discount of 40% which makes the users more connected to this app. This package is not only for flight tickets but includes hotel stay as well.

Once you book your flight you will receive a confirmation message and email which shows how professionally this app deals with its customers. There are no glitches in the app. Booking your flight through it is going to be very relaxing as you don’t have to stress about traveling. All you need to do is get ready and wait for the confirmation so you can enjoy your adventure.

More about this site:

Hopper is owned by Joost Ouwerkerk and Frederic Lalonde. As you all know that app is everything you need in life. Through the app, you can easily connect with various hotels and flights. If you keep the notifications on you will get all the updates timely. Through the phone, you can easily check the availability and the records.

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What is the payment process?

You can easily pay through the app and you don’t have to stand in huge lines at the airport. Also at times, the price range on sites is a bit costly during winter seasons or when vacation timings are at their peak. The refunds are only given through Carrot Cash. In case you don’t have it you won’t get any refund.

The Hopper app that books flights are very beneficial. A lot of people have researched this site and have claimed it is among the best apps all over the world. You can easily check scams using this website. In case you find any the app will hang there and then and from backend professionals will deal with the error.

What is the technical evaluation?

Even during the pandemic time, some people used this app and were very much satisfied with traveling. Booking from Hopper for your next trip is going to be a lot of fun. One of the best things about this app is that you can save your dream locations (countries, cities).

So whenever there’s an update regarding any tour in a specific country you are going to get notified regarding it. This is how you can easily catch a flight to your dream destination without any hassle.

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Not Again! Before You Use The Hopper App… Beware!

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