Is KickScrew Legit? [Spoiler: Maybe Not]

Kickscrew is an online retail store that deals in sneakers of many brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, and Yeezy, etc. They deal in authentic and top-quality sneakers which makes an appreciative point for sneaker lovers.

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Kickscrew is located in Hong Kong and with their quality of products and quality customer services have made itself one of the best global online retailers. They also have other categories which include a high-quality exclusive range of wristwear.

Is it Legit?

Buy at your own risk. They sell some good stuff but there are a lot of scammers selling things as well. They have got an exclusive collection with many economical rates so that everyone can enjoy.

They have the best customer care service and are active 9-5 to answer any of the queries of the customer and keep on interacting by sharing the news of upcoming sales and discounts, and new collections. More than 90% of the site is based on positive reviews and good experiences of people.

For the kick crew shipping review, the shipment process is very fast and you are usually delivered earlier than told. Customers are very secure with sharing card details with the site since they never misused the details.

The packing is very well done and products are received very protected and they are the same as viewed on the site. They have the best refund policy, you can easily refund the product after 15 days as well and you get the money back the same way you made the payment with no extra deduction.

According to kicks crew Reddit, the response of customers is very good and this site is completely recommended.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

How to get your money back?

Customers normally face issues of delaying delivery or getting stuck by a scammer website where they never get their orders or they receive their parcels very late due to which they get despair because the payment methods used by such scammers are not authentic and they did not get an appropriate and authentic payment methods where they stuck their money by the scammers and did not know how to recover their money back from the site.

As we know kicks crew is a legit online retail store with excellent customer support services and authentic shipment methods they also use very authentic payment methods which are used globally by many others like visa, master card, diners club credit cards and they also use PayPal express for the completion of payments.

So the customers don’t have to get worried about their payments if they did not receive the same product or never get their product because these payment methods have strict refund policies which make this retail store more legit. Those were the reasons why people like this kick-screw online retail store.

Refund Policy


Are customers satisfied with the product?

Apart from all the positiveness and legitimacy of kick screw’s online portal, some customers still have trust issues with the site as they face some real problems while shopping at kick screw customers have to face freight charges and taxes as well.

But they sometimes deliver the exactly different products to the customer and sometimes their customer support team does not respond on time.

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❌We discovered mainly negative reviews for this site

✅The site has been set-up several years ago

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Should you trust this site?

According to all the reviews and all the pros and cons of the site which include customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, authentic payment methods, kick screw intermixed shipping reviews, quality of their products, efficiency in their work, global networking, their technological advancement, prioritization of their customer’s privacy and security is the coolest thing on this kick screw site.

One-time kick screw shipping and many more reasons I would like to trust this legit portal and will never hesitate while ordering a product from them and I hope I will not get disappointed by them.


Kick screw is the globally enhanced online e portal retail store having the wildest collection of newly styled sneakers and streetwear needs. It is from Taiwan, it deals in 100% authentic high quality products which makes them even more legit to trust and to shop for the customers and they have 7 days return policy which normally attracts customers and makes them not hesitate in making an order for their coolest products.

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How does it work?

Kick screw store is very attractive and customer friendly as kick screw store is easy to use and handle. As they deal with branded sneakers they never compromised on the quality and never get old-fashioned.

kick screw also deals in Casio baby watches, Casio sports, digital, Casio solar-powered, Casio g-shock, and analog watches as well and they are absolute of high quality and customers are more than satisfied with their watches categories as well.

How good is customer care?

Customers can also approach kick screw-on Reddit apps where they get their orders placed more easily. Sometimes consumers have to face kick screw defects which normally include delivery of defective products and sometimes late delivery which makes customers feel irritated as they have to wait for a specific time for the delivery to reach according to their locality.

Overall kick -screw online retail stores are cool to shop and place orders as it saves their customers much time and provides them with a lot of options that they never get in the limited vicinity.

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Is KicksCrew Legit?! (Hong Kong Store)

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