Is Light in the Box Legit? [Safety Check 2023]

LightInTheBox, sometimes known as Light in the Box Restricted, is an internet-based discount retailer that offers steep markdowns on a wide variety of items. The store, which has been around since 2007, is an international online shop known for its deep prices on customizable items. The store sells goods in the broad areas of clothing, lifestyle, and leisure.

The store’s cutting-edge data-driven corporate approach enables it to provide individualized services, including marriage and nighttime gowns, at scale for superior advertising, stock management, and customer satisfaction. When you place a purchase with the store, you may expect to wait anywhere from one day up to two weeks for delivery.

From that point, delivery might require somewhere from 7 days to 35 days. There is also an alternative for faster transportation that promises arrival in only three to five business nights. Time frames for manufacturing and shipping are shown below for your reference. Considering different light-in-the-box reviews we have concluded.

Is it Legitimate?

Even though LightInTheBox is a legitimate business and is safe. It is not a scam or disguised for the selling of purloined products, numerous reviews mention problems receiving the commodity or requesting a refund. The store claims accelerated shipment in 3-5 business days, which encourages many customers to click “Buy Now” despite their skepticism about the company’s fakeness.

The Store is an excellent place to get bulk pricing on odd or hard-to-find things, like surgical masks and mittens, which can be purchased in big numbers for a significant discount.

The fact that you will be getting an insecure transaction via the website despite our concerns is a negative sign. You can visit several Reddit threads to learn that the site is not legit.

What are users saying about it?

  • “Even with wide options of payment I can’t carry out the process”

  • “They have got a huge variety of bulk collection, amazed me”

How to get your money back?

Swindlers and criminals utilize it as a front for their fake web pages. Letting it sound like you’re obtaining a cheaper deal than the competitors is the name of the game for several companies, even when they have no intention of providing a reliable company or quality merchandise. It would seem that this is the situation that the website is in.

According to the refund policy, once a purchase has been made, it cannot be canceled or returned for a refund unless the activity is rescheduled or canceled. It’s not unheard of to ask for a refund, but it’s very rare to get one. Any demand for reimbursement that comes to us through our internet, mail, or through any other channel would be ignored.

Until customers either surrender their complaint or the corporation just dismisses them, they would have to go through a tedious and time-consuming process to get a refund. If you intend to get the most value from your income, you should stay away from companies like these that make it difficult to receive your funds refunded. Make sure you go through the light-in-the-box reviews of Trustpilot to ensure your safety.

Even if Lightinthebox confirms a refund, the refund will be postponed for causes that are evident to the consumer, therefore the patient’s worries and anticipation are pointless. The website can terminate a booking at any time, either with or without prior notice or explanation. This is a big shift from the original concept of the customer.

Refund Policy

  • You need to contact your seller one week after your delivery has been received and state a proper application
  • If your order has not been delivered but you have done the payment you may receive it within a few working nights
  • The company won’t guarantee the refund since different sellers are working and each has their policies
  • If your package is in bulk and before receiving it you wish for a refund then it may not be possible as per the terms and conditions, make sure you read each and everything in the agreement.

Why do people Dislike this site?

  • This platform’s database resides in a storage center in a nation that does not constitute an island unto itself.
  • In plenty of other words, the Global Banking Association has identified the country as a region with a high probability of bribery and fraud.
  • It is appropriate to recognize this credential. Your sensitive material is protected with an SSL certificate, which stands for “secure socket layer.”
  • If your platform’s customers are going to be entering sensitive material into a form, it’s in your best interest to invest in an SSL certificate.
  • You can learn about this on quora as well.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

The main cause of people’s anger at the webpage is that it frequently sends users in the wrong way. Customers are offered a ballpark figure for the bulk cost before discovering, upon arrival, that the real cost is higher. Low-quality customer care is also a problem. The cancellation policy is only one instance where customer service falls short. Since the store is shipped from Malaysia which is out of the approach of dozens.

Authentic buyers are availableThis website does not have many visitors
The SSL certificate is validPeople voted this site as possible fraud on Scamadviser
People stated that this site sells fake products

Should you trust this site?

If you value your income, do not put it on the website. You’re better off going somewhere to make your purchase since this is a complete hoax. Make sure you undergo several reviews and learn about the experiences of people that matter.

More about this site

This is a Malaysia-based site with buyers from all over the world, they specialize in selling bulk material whether it be a mask, piece of cloth, or socks. We are looking into reports that this site is offering fake goods. This enables it to be simpler for crooks to earn a profit. They care nothing regarding the welfare of their employees or the quality of the surroundings in which they operate.

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