Is Lyst Legit? [Designer Clothes Up for Grabs]

Lyst is an online retail store based on an e-commerce business that has been expanded during the bad times of pandemic, people who have been quarantined for a long time have to buy things. They then found an online platform where they can easily shop for their liking and get delivered the products at their locations.

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It has also become global during this time as it deals in menswear, women’s clothing, accessories, gifts, fashion, lifestyle products, footwear, and many other categories of products that customers can easily access from this online retail store.

It has a decent online store that attracts its customers to shop from them, they also have an online mobile phone application which makes it easier for customers and this application runs both on android and ios.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

A rating of 4.5 stars has made this site a very legit one, according to customers’ reviews they are very satisfied with the service and are very glad for its presence. They keep on updating the site and always stay connected with their users.

The best thing besides their products is their customer care service, they are always ready to solve any problem of their customers and keep them updated with the latest offer and collections. Considering their size chart, they have clothes for every age group so that everyone can enjoy wearing their outfits.

The prices are very normal, customers appreciate their pricing strategy since the prices are very economical for every person. They have a wide collection with the best quality. Customers are very happy that they can get every wearable from this site with the best and fastest delivery.

They take about a week to deliver it globally and 3 days to deliver in the state. Users are very happy with the list application service since it’s a lot easier. For your special events like weddings you get lost real designer that helps you customize the dress, customers are very satisfied with the dressing quality and stuff.

Their gift collection is very cheap along with the most beautiful packing. For the refund policy, they have given customers about 15 days to return their package and instantly get their money back which according to the reviews is very true and they have legit received it back within minutes.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

How to get your money back?

As It uses authentic payment methods, there are very less chances of loss of payments. Payment methods used by lyst have some refund policies which makes the customer’s payments more secure.

Due to the late delivery of any package or due to the delivery of a defective product or changed product, It can refund its customers within several days according to the location of the order.

Refund Policy

  • If you click on an item or a “shop now” button, you will be sent to the retailer’s website, where you may review the retailer’s shipping and return policies before completing your purchase.
  • The returns policy of a store may be found by clicking on the “shipping and returns” link on the Lyst product page.
  • More information and contact information may be found on the Customer Care section of the retailer’s website.

What is liked about this site?

It has been considered as the legit online store for updates on lifestyle and fashion products which are famous among customers and customers like their products, their customer services, their reasonable prices, etc.

Are customers satisfied with the product?

It amazingly passed the test of delivering the best online services to the customers. Lyst does not sell fake products, its products are usually original. It usually sells real designer products of brands which makes this site a more authentic one. The majority of customers are usually satisfied with the site, hence the site reviews say it all.

✅This website offers "get your money back"❌This website has both positive as well as negative reviews

✅We found several positive reviews for this site

❌We found many low rated websites on the same server
✅This website offers payment methods which allow you to get your money back

Should you trust this site?

Lyst company uses an efficient software program for their online store which prevents the site from crashing in a rushing situation. The site uses cost management efficiently which helps them to set reasonable prices which do not adversely affect the customers.

The site’s customer services staff is very reliable and responsive, it takes much less time for their staff to respond which makes a friendly environment among the customers. The site is legit Reddit according to 95% of the reviews.

These factors ultimately increase the credibility of the store and also make this site trustworthy for the customers to shop fearlessly.


The company is a legit online retail store based in London, England. It deals in a vast variety of men’s and women’s lifestyles and clothing products. Lyst also deals in shoes, sneakers, bags, and jewelry of renowned brands for women and for men they deal in clothing and shoes of popular brands.

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Is it expensive?

The site is not so expensive and it also uses high-quality products which attracts the customers to shop from their store. The company does not sell fake products but it sells branded products which include Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant, Prada, Reformation, Valentino, and many more which are also the evidence of the legitimacy of the store.

Do they sell designer products?

Lyst sells designer products which is always been proved fascinating for the customers. The site has an amazing mobile app that can be used on both ios and android, on the app customers can easily access their products and confirm their orders just in a few taps, this app is found to be very attractive for the customers. The site reviews on customer support are found to be much satisfactory for the customers.

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