Is Scholarship Owl Legit? [BEFORE You Use]

A smart owl scholarship is essentially a combination fellowship submission website and searching generator. Most people recognize it for its fellowship registration, where applicants may provide details about themselves such as their age, major of study, and academic grade. This will make it much easier for learners to register for very many programs at once since they won’t have to re-enter the identical material multiple times.

The searching function is particularly helpful since it may find other scholarships that are comparable to the ones the pupil has previously registered for.

Awards may be applied for quickly and easily with only a click, however, some of the awards on the website also need dissertations or other material. Following applicant submission, ScholarshipOwl would monitor your scholarship status. In this manner, you may check off the ones you’ve registered for and be certain that your submissions have been received.

Is it Legit?

Yes, the site Scholarship Owl is completely safe and also one of the most legit sites of its kind. We can confirm that ScholarshipOwl is a genuine and dependable platform for finding scholarship opportunities. There is still value in their complimentary, fundamental offerings for pupils. Each “scholarship matching” includes a clickable link that takes students straight to the scholarship’s application page. ScholarshipOwl seems to be mostly legitimate depending on user evaluations posted on Reddit and Quora. ScholarshipOwl offers a variety of paid products, but you are under not need to purchase any of them.

Available for everyoneIt is paid
Multiple scholarships for everyoneRequires strong documentation
Low membership costHigher subscription cost for different states

The scholarship comparison tool would nonetheless provide scholarships to which you may apply without making a payment. Also, ScholarshipOwl might very well save you time and effort if you’re a scholarship newbie and don’t have the luxury of browsing dozens of web pages. Those who used the website additionally found that it led them to previously unknown scholarship opportunities.

You can see the name of this site on legit scholarship websites on any portal. Join yourself for the 7-day complimentary sample if you are still on the fence after seeing how user-friendly and reputable the company is. Scholarship Owl could locate thousands of scholarship opportunities for you without little input. The option to terminate service at any moment is always available. Spend your investment wisely and avoid upgrades if you are still on the fence.

What are users saying about it?

How to get your money back?

Since the system works in a monthly subscription way there is no way you can get your money back. If someday you want to cancel it then you won’t be receiving the payment for the remaining time. Note, end your membership once your month has ended to avoid any loss.

Refund Policy

  • You would have to pay 10-20$ each month to continue your subscription
  • Once you have decided to cancel it your account will automatically be terminated and your membership will be ended
  • Your account will begin only then when you make a payment again

Why do people like this site?

There are a ton of reasons to love their services such as that this company provides an opportunity to avail those special scholarships if you are in a needy position.

  • People know that there are very few scholarship owl complaints which is why there is nothing to worry about.
  • The services are very easy to use and you don’t need to worry about any fraud
  • Furthermore, you can visit scholarship owl on Reddit and learn why people love their services.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

Yes, there are very few people providing these services so that is why they have tried their best to satisfy people in every way possible, they have set the standards high and top their rank on legit scholarship websites. From getting the subscription to finding the best scholarship they are trying their best to settle those students who are in special need and deserve higher education.

As per the reviews on different sites, it is observed that more than 90% of people have provided positive responses and never faced a backlash by their services.

Our Score

Should you trust this site?

Yes, you can trust them with your little amount. a 10-20$ subscription can get you those high scholarships you wouldn’t have thought of. Make sure you have read those terms and conditions and you have the knowledge of when your membership could end and what things are not allowed on the site and can lead to account termination.

More about this site

ScholarshipOwl is a cutting-edge website that may cut down on the time it takes to apply for scholarships by a significant margin. Based on factors including your interests, academic performance, and extracurricular involvement, we will help you find a scholarship that is a good fit.

When you’ve limited it around, we’ll transfer the data from your first request to the right fields on the fellowships you’ve selected. You can easily keep tabs on the status of each of your scholarship submissions since they are all collected in one convenient location. Examine the outstanding, reviewed, and granted grants without departing your desk.

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