Is Spokeo Legit? [Safety Check 2023]

Spokeo is a major player in the US character-checking market, with over 12 billion entries and 40 million user visits per week. In 2007, three Harvard alums launched the startup to create a platform that would aggregate content from various social media sites. In 2008, the website began charging for its premium features after transforming into a community search query. The portal devoted to people-searching first went live in 2010.

Using the tools provided by the site, you may conduct a more precise and efficient search for a person’s historical knowledge. This network has everything you might want in a research engine and more, including the ability to do simple searches, stay up to speed on a caller’s social networking profiles, see their legal past, safeguard their anonymity, track the incognito mode, and conduct a reversing verification process.

Is it Legit?

Spokeo is safe and legitimate to use.

Spokeo is a legal people-finder that can be used to get details on a person with just a few identifying details like a surname, contact information, or contact details. The program searches from over 12 billion documents, both governmental and private, to provide a comprehensive background check report. If you pay a little amount each month, you may do as many searches as you want and download the findings as PDFs and redeem them on your computer or mobile device.

Low subscriptionHigh subscription for different regions
Available for every regionUsually requires longer time
Gets updated every weekPhone application always under maintenance

The fact that the Better Business Bureau has given the site an A+ indicates that it is widely regarded as the best community search engine. Only 177 of the 390 concerns submitted to the site over the past three years have indeed been handled throughout that time. In all, 144 concerns were related to invoicing, whereas 108 were about operational difficulties. Hence the site is known to be very genuine.

It seems that most customer concerns were resolved by the site issuing refunds due to miscommunications over price. Others who aren’t participants but have asked to be forgotten have also lodged concerns. the site does make use of data that is already available to the public, such as material from company websites, social media, property investment ads, library books, and consumer questionnaires.

What are users saying about it?

How to get your money back?

Since it’s a membership-based service which is why you won’t be getting your money back.

A monthly charge is deducted from your account when you have availed of the service but once you cancel the subscription there is no refund on the remaining service charges. A user’s subscription to the site may be terminated at any time.

Our Score

To terminate your registration, please visit the Account preferences and go to “Usage & Subscriptions.” As soon as the user cancels their subscription, they will get a verification email from either the site or PayPal. But note that there are several pros and cons once you terminate your account which will be listed at the end of the article.

Refund Policy

  • After terminating your membership you won’t receive the remaining money

  • When you restart your account your previous leftover time won’t be added, note this.

Why do people like this site?

There are several reasons why users love to avail of their services and how this thing makes their process easier.

  • The site application makes it simple to automatically reject or disregard suspicious conversations (equivalent to real ID caller), texts, or letters from recognized hackers, spammers, or cybercriminals.
  • Furthermore, reports may be obtained in far less than a moment.
  • Spokeo Business is, like a people-searching tool, except it caters to corporate users. Top-notch information from credible suppliers is available to businesses.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

After observing over 70% of the responses and experiences of the people it has come to be known that people have never regretted availing of this membership. This service has been as useful to them as they thought.

Most of them have turned on the option for automatically availing the future membership in case the prices get increased. Their services are highly recommended if you are interested in getting to know about anyone’s history.

Should you trust this site?

Yes, you can trust them since many of the members have proved it. Such an investment is known to be a valuable investment.

Use the site to look up someone by their name, mail, region, or contact information and get access to their public profile. We suggest upgrading to a premium subscription if you would like to obtain a comprehensive assessment. The basic edition does provide some knowledge, but it is minimally considered to be a site ripoff. You can log in to the site on Reddit and learn about the legitimacy of the site.

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