Is SSense Legit? [Safety Check 2023]

SSENSE is a Canadian-based online premium clothes boutique that provides international shipping. Luxury subculture and luxury apparel, accessories, and more are all available there. The brands they stock are as diverse as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, and more. They boast cheaper costs on high-end name-brand merchandise than branded boutiques.

Since the store is an international community that makes purchases directly from manufacturers and salons, they are allowed to do so. So, the actual store, not SSENSE, decides how much to charge for the product, and independent businesses may establish their prices. Although the store’s pricing isn’t quite low, they are usually lower than those of other premium retailers.

Is it Legit?

The store has been one of the oldest and more reliable online prestige stores, having started up in Quebec, Canada in 2003. SSense is definitely not a scam and is totally legitimate. The store promises the legitimacy of every purchasable product on the site. They declare that they provide high-end, name-brand products at costs cheaper than specialty boutiques.

This is possible because the store is an electronic community that makes purchases directly from manufacturers and salons. Therefore, the pricing is determined by the retailer rather than the store, and independent boutiques are free to establish their prices. This retailer is well-known for stocking not just well-known brands, but also those that are relatively unknown, such as those that produce rare or otherwise unusual things.

Additionally, all purchases over $300 are sent for free, and the cancellation policy at the store is highly accommodating. Consequently, the store is a must-visit for every shopper seeking high-end clothing and accessories. Make sure to go through the Reddit page and learn about its legitimacy.

What are users saying about it?

How to get your money back?

Within 30 days of receiving your purchase, you may demand a refund if you are not completely happy with the product. In addition to following all of the other guidelines outlined in our Return Agreement, the product should be returned in its complete packing, undamaged, and excellent shape. To minimize paper consumption,

The store operates under a rigorous no-paper policy. This is why there is never a return slip included in any package.

Direct transactions are not handled by the store. Please refund the product for a complete reimbursement and make a fresh purchase as soon as possible for the desired product(s). A profile holder has the right to make changes to an order or even withdraw it entirely so provided the shipment is not processed or the product has never been packaged, or within any other time frame authorized by law. For the refund, your shipping is free of cost.

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Refund Policy

Americans, Germans, and Chinese consumers are exempt from returning shipment charges. Every one of the preceding should therefore be true in addition to refunding a product or commodities from a transaction:

  • You have 30 business days from the moment of shipment to obtain a refund.
  • The item can’t have been worn, used, changed, or cleaned in any way.
  • Fresh socks are required while putting on shoes for the initial occasion. To protect the bottoms of the shoes, kindly try them on a cushioned area. The shoes should be received with the appropriate cardboard sleeve and/or cardboard box since those ssense shoes are real.

Why do people like this site?

There are several reasons why people love buying from their website, they get you the best intimate apparel with the original hygienic cover that is provided as a sticker.

  • They provide you with the best ssense of customer service that is available to send a response anytime you leave a query,
  • Within a few business working hours, you will get a reply and the agent will guide you with your issue whether it is for the refund purpose or finding an item.
  • They offer regular discounts and distribution of discount coupons to their regular customers and are ready to do anything to maintain their good reputation.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

Yes, 70% of their customers are satisfied and ready to make any more purchases. Working over several countries the Ssense is cheap in rates.

Cheap ratesSlow shipment
Shipment all over the worldStrict refund policies
Wide range of collectionLess variety for men

Should you trust this site?

There is nothing to be afraid of while shopping from them, you can trust them with your money and they provide full surety of providing you with the best product.

More about this site

For its part, SSENSE has been lauded for its success as an e-commerce platform and a creator of creative material, with a median of 100 million annual website visits.

A large majority of its viewers (about 80%) are young adults under the age of forty. They are independently owned and have had consistent yearly development and revenue in the triple digits since their establishment.

Now that you have the store, you can forget about scouring eBay for Off-White threads. There will be no more purchasing wars or purchasing out secondary market vendors. Moreover, you can never be sure whether you’re purchasing authentic Off-White products or counterfeits. It is often believed that items from high-end designers may be purchased at a discount on the website. After analyzing different sites like sense Trustpilot we have concluded.

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