Is Traveluro Legit? [Human Scam Check 2023]

Do you get anxious about finding a room at a hotel while you are making travel arrangements? Because the site is here to solve your problems, you may now take a deep breath and put an end to your worrying.

Through the site service, you have access to make online hotel bookings around the clock. There is a large number of lodging options available. These are the options that Traveluro offers that, in comparison to those provided by other websites, represent the most value for the money spent.

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Is it a Scam or Legit?

Traveluro might be a scam. According to the findings of our investigation into a variety of relevant elements, the website seems to be fraudulent. Take extreme caution when using this website. Who owns traveluro is unknown. The creator of the site is remaining anonymous for security reasons.

These details are then used by spammers to market their services to the owners of websites. Because of this, the operators of several websites have decided to conceal their contact information. However, con artists may also exploit this weakness in the system. Our system assigns a high grade to the website in question if it is clear who the site’s proprietor is.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

How to get your money back?

Scammers and fraudsters use the site, as bogus websites. It’s all about making it seem as if you’re getting a better bargain than your competition, but many websites don’t really intend to provide an honest service or a product that’s up to snuff.

The site seems to be in a predicament like this. The refund policy explicitly states that there are no returns and that the transaction is regarded as complete until an event is either postponed or canceled. Though a refund may be requested, receiving one is quite unusual. Our website, email, or any other means you use to contact us with a request for a refund, will not be honored.

Their request for a refund will be met with a lengthy and time-consuming series of procedures unless they give up on their claim or the company ignores their request. Avoid firms like these, who make it tough to get your money back, if you want to get the most for your money.

Customer concerns and waiting are worthless regardless of what traveluro does to confirm a return since the reimbursement will be delayed for obvious reasons. In the event of a reservation cancellation, the site has the right to do so at any moment and without warning or compensation. This is a significant departure from the initial vision of the client.

Refund Policy

  • Additional terms and conditions of purchase imposed by the seller with whom you opt to deal may apply in addition to these Terms and Holisto’s cancellation policy, as accepted by you upon any reservation (together, the “Additional Terms”). Please carefully read any relevant Additional Terms.

Why do people dislike it?

The server for this website is housed in a data center that is situated in a country that is not on its own. In other words, the country has been labeled by the International Banking Federation as a high-risk fraud and corruption hotspot.

This certificate should be accepted. A secure socket layer, or SSL, the certificate is used to ensure the safety of your personally identifiable information. SSL certification may be obtained at several different, more advanced levels.

Fraudsters operating online make use of a comparable one that is freely available to the public. Having a website that is protected by an SSL certificate is preferable to not having one, especially if the website requires users to enter their personal information into a form.

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Are customers satisfied with their product?

People’s resentment at the site is mostly driven by the fact that the website often directs visitors in the incorrect direction, which is the fundamental reason for this. The buyers are given an estimate of the price of the hotel, but when they check-in, they find out that the actual amount is more than the estimate they were given.

In addition, the site uses its clients as leverage in a wide range of various business dealings. Another issue is the substandard level of customer service. Traveluro’s customer assistance is lacking in numerous areas, including the traveluro refund policy, which is one of those areas.

It doesn’t matter what the site does to confirm a return; the customer’s subsequent questions and waiting are worthless since the reimbursement will be delayed for seemingly no reason at all.

Bookings made with the site may, at their discretion, be canceled at the very last minute without the customer receiving any explanation or compensation for the cancellation. This throws a customer’s whole plan off completely.

✅We think this website is offering travel services❌The website's owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service

✅The SSL certificate is valid❌This website does not have many visitors

❌People voted this site as possible fraud on Scamadviser

❌People stated that this site sells fake products

Should you trust traveluro?

Do not entrust your hard-earned money to the site. This is a total scam and you will be better off purchasing from a reliable source

More about traveluro

Travelers from every corner of the world are the focus of the website. There are some incredible hotel deals to be discovered for some of the most famous tourist destinations across the globe.

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How does it work?

Our experiences as a traveler have taught us that even the most meticulously crafted plans are subject to change if something unexpected occurs. If this kind of circumstance arises, we want to make sure that our customers’ spirits are not dampened, that their enthusiasm for travel is not dampened, and that their money is not flushed down the drain.

This problem is solved by Traveluro, which gives customers the option of selling their hotel reservations to third parties if they are unable to keep their reservations or must cancel them.

Why is traveluro so cheap?

Why is traveluro so cheap you may ask. That is because it’s a scam that intends to attract maximum customers by enticing them with low prices without the motive of giving the promised service to the customer.

What is Webshop Evaluation?

The popularity score that Alexa assigned to the website was, as we discovered. This suggests that a significant number of visitors visit the website consistently. This website is being linked to several other websites because those websites believe it to be both helpful and entertaining. Our position in the rankings went up as a direct consequence of this.

This website is being investigated for allegedly selling knockoff products. Because of this, it makes it easier for criminals to make money. They are also unconcerned about the health of their workers or the state of the surrounding environment.

The prices of fake goods may be lower, which makes them more appealing to customers. However, a significant number of the firms that offer them do not live up to the claims that they make.

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  • Alexa rank: 9203
  • Backlinks: 528
  • Domain age: 22 years from now
  • WHOIS data: hidden

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