Is Vitalchek Legit? [Check 2023]

Vitalchek is an American site that deals with government-certified vital records. This site offers the types of assistance for important records. This is a trustworthy site that gives detailed records of the existence of people.

The site guarantees to be approved by the public authority to give essential reports and to hold vital records. It shows that they are an authentic and reliable LexisNexis organization, which is an organization in the USA. VitalChek is quite a sight that just works inside the limits of the USA. They are right now not accessible in different nations.

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From this site, you can easily get your birth certificate, death certificate, marriage record, and divorce record. For years this website has provided affordable and quite easy ways to obtain official government-issued records.

This site is official and all the people living in the United States can access it. It safely delivers millions of documents every year. It is a system that has all the records of people living in the USA. Also, it helps in facilitating the public and keeping their details secure.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

Vitalchek is a legit site. It not only works proficiently, but it also cares about the satisfaction of its customers. The entire process of getting any certificate from here has a smooth and easy procedure. The service, quality, shipping, return, and services are amazing. In case there are any glitches or scams found on the website there are highly qualified and trained professionals available.

They can easily detect where a scam is going to happen and they will immediately ban it. The information available on the website is safe and you don’t have to worry about its leakage. Also, the possibilities of being scammed on this site are very rare.  For instance, if a person claims a marriage certificate record on the authority site.

The payment approval is checked by security. Vitalchek ensures the secrecy of the data that you share with them. Other record-giving offices that are not enlisted are to be kept away from all together not to be scammed to data robbery. VitalChek security guarantees that there are no errors that can create viruses in your device when you are using this site.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about the site

Why is it liked by people? 

VitalChek is liked by a huge number of people in the USA because their customer service is very efficient and quick. They immediately respond to your emails or queries. The team is very professional and assists its clients very easily. Even though the site is busy, there is still a team to help you in responding to your problems.

Vitalchek has gained a lot of popularity in terms of its services. In case you have ordered some certificates and emailed them and you didn’t get a response which happens rarely the website has an active phone number. You can simply dial and can convey your message and your query will be solved immediately.

Are customers satisfied with the site? 

Customers are very much satisfied with this website. They don’t need to stand in lines and wait for their turn to get the document. All they do is enter their details online and get their certificate delivered to their doorstep.

One of the best things about Vitachek is that in case you are not present at your residential address and your parcel has been sent back. They make sure to communicate with you and resend you the documents as soon as possible. The team is always available to entertain their customers. This site is a convenient way to get all your documents without any hassle.

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Should you trust VitalChek? 

Yes! You should trust this site. There are no complaints regarding customer service or delivery. Usually, if you read reviews related to this site people always give 5 stars because of its amazing services. People who order certificates always get their certificates within time. This site is among the top 6 birth certificate sites.

This site got popular because of its teamwork. Also, there are no scams found. The website at times offers discount codes and coupons for its valued customers. The survey has shown when the site offers codes the traffic on the website doubles. So if you are using this website I request you to suggest your fellows in case they are missing something very amazing.

More about this site 

Vtalchek is certified because it is a government-authorized company. It’s legit for birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc. You can easily get your record online by paying the fees. You can do the payment by any method including MasterCard, visa card, or American Express.

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How does it work?

It has amazing security procedures So when you order some certificate even if it’s a birth, marriage, or death certificate they ask for a security number beforehand. This is asked because of security purposes and to keep the data secure.

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  • Alexa rank: 46797
  • Backlinks: 812
  • Domain age: 26 years from now
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What happens after my order is placed?

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