Is YesStyle Legit?

An e-commerce site provides great support to the customers for getting their most wanted and new variety of products through an online portal. It creates opportunities for buyers to save their time by just visiting and ordering products online, buyers get a vast variety of products that they will not get by visiting physical stores on their own in their local vicinity.

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YesStyle is an established Asian fashion product online retail store that normally deals in Asian and Korean style women’s clothing products and cosmetics products. They also deal in men’s clothing but their main targets are women who are always fond of getting new and updated fashioned garments.

The site is a globally enhanced retail store but it has its major customers from Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, etc.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

With a rating of a total of 4 stars, this site seems to be a legit site with very good customer response. They have got a wide collection of Korean products with a very fast delivery time. They have the best quality of stuff for their customers which can be determined via customer reviews on third-party sites.

The company has been serving since 2006 and has developed very much in terms of branches and products range and quality.  Their exclusive collection is not very expensive and every user can buy it. Customers are very confident with using their skin products that are very safe to use and according to the reviews, none of the customers ever faced any issue related to skin problems after using the products.

They allow the customer to save costs on products by giving away a lot of discounts and coupons that are available to the customers. The site has done huge promotions and attracted many customers worldwide. Sites like these promote the online retailer shop because of the good quality work and good prices.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it.

How to get your money back?

When a buyer has to purchase online he should have to spend an amount for his product to be delivered to him on time. On some occasions the related product which has been finalized after the confirmation of order does not reach its destination on time, then customers feel dissatisfied but they do not have to despair if the authentic payment methods are being used by the management of the company they will recover their money back since the site is a legit company.

Refund Policy

  • Please return the products to our logistical partners in the United States and Canada, or to YesStyle’s Hong Kong office.
  • To avoid lost parcels, we recommend returning the products by registered mail.
  • If you believe the goods caused an allergic reaction or a skin issue, we regret that we cannot accept refunds or returns.
  • YesStyle Credit is our standard refund method. The site Credit can be used on the site in the future. Refunds for Credit may be found here.

Why do users like this site?

As we considered the YesStyle online retail store as a legit one, it has mixed reactions from buyers but most people like their updated fashioned products which increases the credibility of the company. In terms of prices, It is better than shein.

Are customers satisfied with the products?

As YesStyle has positive reviews it also has negative reviews because sometimes it fails to communicate with buyers and did not respond to them on time and they also face issues of the orders getting delayed.

Bad customer service responses break the trust of some people but ultimately the majority of its customers are satisfied with the services and quality of products, more than 90% of It is legit. Reddit states that they are satisfied.

✅This website offers "get your money back"❌This website has both positive as well as negative reviews

✅We found several positive reviews for this site

❌We found many low rated websites on the same server
✅This website offers payment methods which allow you to get your money back

Should you trust this site?

Yesstyle is a legit online retail store, it uses authentic payment methods which ultimately results in the security of consumers. they use top-quality fabrics for the production of garments and the quality of lifestyle products like cosmetics on which women never compromise is also of very nice quality.

It is not bad at all. It covers almost a wide range of high-quality products. It is ethical because it makes decent fashioned clothes for women which everyone likes. It is much better than shein in respect of quality and cost management.

To users’ knowledge, It is safe for credit cards. Hence, we can trust this site due to the number of good services they provide to the customers.


Yesstyle deals in newly fashioned women’s clothing. It also deals in men’s clothing but is renowned as the women fashioned products and lifestyle products. It is ethical as it creates products that suit the taste of women and does not feel like any vulgar production of clothes by them.

It is fast fashioned, which means that they never get old fashioned, when a new style enters the market they take less time to update that fashion and make sure that the new product will reach its customers as soon as possible.

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What is the webpage evaluation?

YesStyle is legit Reddit, it is not a scam or fraud yet it is an original online retail store based in hong kong, and it is not based in Korea, they offered high discounts on special editions and on some special occasions upto 50% or 70% which makes attractiveness among the female customers as they like to wear newly fashioned cloth with less spending of money.

How does it work?

It is not bad at all, its influence is one thing you can’t miss in the market. It also uses an application for the ease of both customers and the company and this app got almost 3 stars which makes it a legit application for customers. Its online store is very attractive which helps consumers to shop easily according to their taste.

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