Is Modesens Legit? [Scam Check 2023]

ModeSens is the smart and informed shopper’s digital shopping helper. It was founded in 2015 by a team of industry specialists that came up with a solution to the online shopping experience that was disconnected and busy. There was a lack of consistency in product information, making it difficult to make an educated purchasing decision.

In the end, the site was left with a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly links information to consumers for a safe and efficient shopping experience. To link customers with their favorite items from the racks of premium multi-brand stores and major fashion houses, our platform combines our unique technology, aggregation approach, and trusted merchant connections.

Our Score

To be a trustworthy digital shopping assistant, they have partnered with more than 500 international merchants and 60,911 premium brands. Consumers can easily get the relevant product information at the right moment using the site, allowing them to make informed decisions about where and when to purchase. The site integrity will be evaluated using reviews.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

This is a legit site but its being trustworthy is another thing bad service is not tolerable no matter what. We may deduce from this that the web site’s owner is attempting to conceal his or her identity via the use of a third-party service. Perhaps because the owner does not want to receive unwanted emails.

There are drawbacks as well, such as making it harder to determine who owns a website. As a consequence, websites that refuse to reveal their identities get a lower ranking. Many well-known brands may be found on a variety of websites. This website seems to be situated in a high-risk region. Just to be cautious, double-check everything.

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about

How to get your money back?

Getting your money back from modesens is a hassle. It is a fraud website so it thrives on scamming clients by offering fake promises and getting paid without any intention of providing service.

Refund Policy

Return policies may differ from shop to store. Items must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and unused with their original tags in general. To guarantee the appropriate protection while in transit, we recommend that you return things in their original packaging:

  • All shoes and accessories must be returned in their original packaging.

  • If there is a security tag attached to the item, it must be left on.

  • The returned item will not comply with the return policy and will not be reimbursed if the security tag is removed.

  • Lingerie/swimwear must only be tried on over your lingerie items and must be returned in its original packaging.

Why is it disliked by people?

  • A service is being used to mask the identity of the site’s developer.
  • In a high-risk nation, this website is hosted
  • This site seems to be selling well-known goods from a high-risk nation.
  • The majority of the reviews on this site are unfavorable.

Are customers satisfied with their product?

NO, the clients aren’t happy with the quality of the product, service, or after-sales service that Modesens provides them with in any way, shape, or form. This results in modesens receiving negative evaluations on a wide variety of online forums and searches, which eventually contributes to the negative reputation that the company has.

✅This site is considered popular by Alexa.❌A service is being used to mask the identification of the site's developer.
✅Confidence is induced by the site's age.❌In a high-risk nation, this website is hosted
✅There is no problem with the SSL certificate.❌This site seems to be selling well-known goods from a high-risk nation.
✅More than a year in advance, the domain name was reserved❌The majority of the reviews on this site are unfavorable.

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Should you trust Modesens?

NO the site is a con and a deception of the first kind. These websites just provide the impression that they are selling their products at a lower price than their competitors to get a competitive advantage. They do not intend to provide a legitimate service or product in any way, shape, or form. It would seem that Modesens is in this situation. The site’s return policy is also one of its disappointments.

More about modesens

Modesens Wikipedia says that the joy of discovery is something that is valued at the site, and the company strives to build a community of people who share their passion for both the fashion industry and the advancement of technology.

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What is Webshop Analysis?

According to Alexa, this website has a ranking of An Alexa rating of excellent quality is a positive indicator. As a consequence, several other websites have referred to this site. Third-party trackers may access your IP address, location, and even your computer’s hardware details when you visit adult-oriented websites. 

Adult websites are also prone to data breaches/leaks in addition to trackers. Viruses and other malware may be used to spread unlawful information on some of these sites, putting them in legal hot water. Using a virtual private network when viewing pornographic websites is strongly recommended by us.

The website’s name has been reserved for over a year. This is a positive indicator. Every year, the majority of webmasters renew their domain name registrations. Domain names registered for a longer period, such as 10 years, indicate that the company is planning to be in business for a long time. After a few months, most fraudsters sell the domain names of their websites since their scam has become well-known.

What is Technical Analysis?

The server that hosts this website is situated in a high-risk location. The International Banking Federation has designated nations with a high degree of fraud and corruption as countries with a high risk. Many nations in the developing world are rated as high-risk. Our system takes the country of origin into account, but poor scores might also be caused by other variables, such as items listed on the site.

There was a valid SSL certificate. An SSL certificate protects your computer’s connection to the company’s website by encrypting data passing between the two. Scammers, on the other hand, may use a free SSL certificate that has been installed. Check that an SSL certificate is in place before entering any personal information.

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Domain Details:

  • Alexa rank: 2655
  • Backlinks: 365
  • Domain age: 7 years from now
  • WHOIS data: hidden

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