Is Student Beans Legit? [Scam Check 2023]

Student Beans is aimed mostly toward secondary and higher education learners. Around 162 million users in 50+ countries use it regularly. They often form relationships with well-known organizations and businesses to provide learners with entirely separate prices and promotions. James and Michael Eder, who started Student Beans back while they were still in school, created the company in 2005.

They started the firm in Birmingham, UK, and gave it the brand “Baked Beans” in honor of the ubiquitous staple of the British dorm room. An award-winning validation mechanism was developed by them, however, it is restricted to undergraduate usage. In the present day, they have partnered alongside approximately 650 well-known companies in the industries of apparel, cuisine, science, and culture. The application of student beans is free of cost.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

With no shadow of a question, Student Beans is an authentic educational resource. As a student, you may take advantage of several exclusive offers and reductions that are not open to the general public. A wonderful application that makes learning considerably easy for any learner. You may also provide your offers to other pupils, which is not possible on other student discount coupon websites. You may list many ads like this for a low monthly price.

Helping hand for teenagersStrict verification
Wide range of discountsIds are blocked using fake documents
No requirement of cashTime taking process

If you want to attract customers, they recommend discounting all of your offerings by at least 10%. Numerous international students have praised this resource in their reviews. They appreciated the chance to put away some of their earnings with Student Beans. Users generally felt secure when signing up for and navigating the site.

It seems that any problems some folks had were resolved quickly. Based on customer feedback, organizations like TrustPilot have given them a respectable rating of 4.1 stars. As a result, you should continue to use it even though some people have complained about it. UNiDAYS is somewhat comparable to SB in that it partners with various companies to provide discounts to students.

The website is widely used by individuals all around the globe. Before applying you can visit student beans legit on Reddit and learn anything related to them about their legitimacy.

What are users saying about it?

How to get your money back?

No money is involved in the process since they don’t require any of the charges to get you verified except the requirement of your education. You can save your coupons or even let your friends use them and each of the processes carried out is very easy. If you provide legit documents then SB doesn’t contact your school.

Our Score

Refund Policy

  • It’s your choice if you want to sell your discount coupons to your fellow friends or other
  • Even if you delete your account your verification stays with the firm

Why do people like this site?

Because of the great qualities of this site, It’s no secret that students, like everyone else, are required to eat a lot of food. SB gets that.

  • They also provide a tonne of coupons for dining and shopping shops. Uber Eats, Gone Puffs, Personal Chef, and Daily Produce are just a few examples of businesses that make it easy to receive a decent meal delivered to your door.
  • In the “Entertainment” area, you’ll find offers on items like movie tickets, TV subscription packages, video games, vacation packages, and admission to amusement parks.

Are customers satisfied with the service?

Those people mainly include all the students and yes they are highly satisfied and it is one of those top sites that are highly recommended. Each of the individuals enjoys the student discount.

Should you trust this site?

Yes, you should trust their service and they are legit to use.

More about this site

The site was created back in 2004 and is still working the very best it was before, these types of services are very appreciated.

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How to Create a StudentBeans Account

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