Is Thriftbooks Legit? [Scam Check 2023]

Refurbished books are the primary focus of ThriftBooks, a large-scale online retailer. Valuable publications and DVDs are also available at the store, as well as a wide choice of musical and video CDs and cassettes. For older, more difficult-to-obtain books, they offer a terrific selection. Books often cost between three and four dollars.

They originally began promoting their novels on various websites, before eventually launching their online bookstore. Creating a platform and figuring out methods to enable people to get their hands on books at a reasonable cost.

Our Score

As a result, they have a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 and more than 855,000+ ratings to their name. Few businesses deliver such high-quality items at such a low cost. If anything goes wrong, they work hard with their customers to get everything back on track. Thriftbooks is located in the UAE.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

With a rating of 4.8 stars, this site is the best and most legit eCommerce site for users who are interested in buying used novels and DVDs to save money. They have a collection of legit every book genre.

Customers are very pleased with their service and delivery of the best products possible, people who are interested in traveling can get themselves the best travel guide book which contains all the information about routes, region, currencies, and nature of people of different countries.

More than 90% of the site Reddit states that this site is best for making purchases and is highly recommended. The delivery process is very fast and is usually delivered before the appointed date which customers are very glad.

These are used books but the quality is very high and they don’t seem to be used due to great care and restoring the books. All the books are very clean and in the best form. They also suggest users different novels after analyzing the user’s searches and purchases which is a very advanced feature. 

What are users saying about it?

Here is what the users are saying about it

How to get your money back?

They have a good refund policy but the fact that customers don’t need to return the book since it achieved their demand. You can visit the site on my account profile and manage your purchases along with applying discount coupons that are received weekly by the users who buy novels in bulk making the prices cheaper for them.

Once your order is on the shipment you can easily track your order and get to know when you are going to receive it. For any kind of query, you can simply contact the customer care service that is active all the time and are ready to solve any of your problems.

If you want to cancel your order once it is on the shipment you can simply write the application of cancellation and after deducting very few charges they will simply cancel your order.

Refund Policy

  • ThriftBooks welcomes returns that are requested by the client within 30 days of the order’s delivery and are the result of an error on ThriftBooks’ part.
  • ThriftBooks is not obligated to accept any return, exchange, or refund (hence generally referred to as a “return”).
  • We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds for the following items:
  • Items purchased for less than $15.00; Requests made after the 30-day return/refund/exchange window;
  • Items that the consumer no longer desires after purchase; or Any Visitor, Guest, or Account Holder who breaches these Terms or any other relevant terms and conditions.

Why do users like this site?

There are several reasons why this site is loved by the customers, 

  • Best quality novels with the best cheap possible rates
  • Delivery time is no longer than 4 days globally 
  • Very easy to access the site and make purchases
  • Customer care service is always active for the user’s query
  • Payment processing is very fast 
  • The refund policy is loved by the customers

Are customers satisfied with the products?

All of these qualities of this site make the user very satisfied. These all are the factors that a customer demands to have a good site, cheap rates, fast delivery, and good quality products.

According to most of the reviews, this site is legit for making purchases and after analyzing all the reviews providing sites it is found that this site has more than 90% of positive reviews and high ratings. 

✅This website is receiving a lot of traffic according to Alexa ()❌The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS

✅People are giving this website positive reviews

❌It seems you can download books from this site
✅The site has been set-up several years ago

❌This website seems to be a gun store.

✅This website is trusted by Trend Micro

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Should you trust this site?

ThriftBooks can be relied upon. The majority of their activity is still legitimate. Many companies review websites’ reviews to affirm their authenticity and dependability. Few companies deliver such high-quality items at such a low cost.

If anything goes wrong, they work hard with their customers to get everything back on track. The sites’ distribution is one of the nicest aspects of their business. It’s simple, and unless the mail is delayed, it’s always delivered on time.

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More about this site 

Throughout the company’s existence, ThriftBooks Global LLC has supplied greater than 250 million secondhand and modern books.

If you’re looking for the greatest internet purchasing experiences, you’ll find it at the site, which was established in 2003 and has been recognized with the 2021 Best Digital Shops title, the Best Client Service prize for three straight years, and a 5-star Ratings and reviews rating with far more than 2 million comments.

Those who buy at the site may take advantage of daily cheap pricing and the firm’s popular and free ReadingRewards appreciation program.

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Domain Details

  • Alexa rank: 7123
  • Backlinks: 2425
  • Domain age: 18 years from now
  • WHOIS data: hidden

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